Sunday, May 11, 2008


Woohoo---I scored 100% on today's quiz over at Triangle Grammar Guide. That was a fun diversion from writing the two articles I have due tomorrow.

If you want to take it, the quiz is here: Who/Whom. Have fun!


Elizabeth Obsesses said...

Hey Angela,

I tried this test too. I completely tanked! The appropriate usage of who/whom is one of my biggest failings. (hangng head and sighing deeply with shame).

By the way, I added your blog to my blog roll.

Angela said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Who/whom can be really tricky, and I'll admit that I didn't fully understand it until I became an editor.

Basically, all you need to remember is that "who" is always used as the subject of a sentence (someone who does something), and "whom" is the object (the person things are done to).

For me, it helps if I recast the sentence:

"Whom do you want to see?"
"I want to see HER."

Her=objective pronoun, so "whom" is correct.

Thanks for the add; I'll do likewise. :)