Friday, May 9, 2008

Starting June 2, I'm going to be taking SEPTA (the Philadelphia-area regional rail) to work. It'll extend my commute by quite a bit since I have to take two trains, but I'll get a ton of benefits in return:
  • I can stop filling up my gas tank twice a week. I have a small car with good gas mileage, but I'm still really feeling the pinch. I don't know how other people do it.
  • No traffic! I hate traffic. My normal drive in and out of work wouldn't be nearly so bad if traffic wasn't constantly slowing things up and making me crazy.
  • I'll be doing my part to help the environment and reduce my carbon footprint. GO GREEN!
  • I get a tax break on the money I spend on train passes.
  • Best of all, I'll have an extra three hours a day to read. And if I get a laptop computer soon, I can use the extra time to type up blog posts and query letters. (SEPTA doesn't offer wifi on their trains or in their stations, but I can still use Microsoft Word, dammit.)

Anyway, I'm currently looking into finding books that I haven't read yet (or old favorites that I want to re-read) to keep me occupied during my new train commute. I recently discovered, which is an absolutely fabulous site for bookworms. You can create reading lists (books you've read, books you're currently reading, books you want to read), review books, and read other people's reviews. And best of all, you can add friends and get book recommendations through them.

I just signed up the other day, and I already love it. Anyone else use Goodreads? If you find your way there, feel free to add me as a friend.

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