Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm baaaaack.

Um. Hi.

I've let this blog go a bit. For roughly nine months, actually.

Sorry about that.

Life has been pretty crazy lately, though. Here's what I've been up to since May of last year:
  • I continued to work my tail off at my full-time copy-editing job. The great thing is that my work was recognized--I nabbed a nice bonus and an award for my service.
  • I also had a stellar part-time freelance year, adding almost $10k onto my regular income.
  • I went to Disney World and spent an absolutely magical week at Wilderness Lodge.
  • Most fun of all, I rehearsed, opened and closed two community theatre shows: Into the Woods and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. They'll both always have a special place in my heart, especially Into the Woods. I've loved that show forever, and thanks to a very fortuitous turn of events, I got to join an amazing cast at the last minute and play Rapunzel. Once I got over my fear of heights, it was an amazing experience.
Things are still going well. I'm getting ready to file my taxes for the first time as a serious part-time freelancer, which is a bit of a wake-up call. (Note to future self: File estimated taxes throughout the year. Thanks.) It's almost review time at work, which is always interesting. I used to dread performance evaluations, but now I almost look forward to them because it's a great chance to see if your hard work was recognized.

And I'm still freelancing. I've toned down the aggressiveness a bit for now, just writing for one or two regular clients. I still want to take this business full-time eventually, but I like my full-time job and, at least for right now, I've got a lot of reasons to stay there. The freelance business is a nice addition to my regular income, not to mention a safety net in case anything did happen to my full-time job, so I'm continuing it. But for now, any definite plans to take it full-time have been put on hold.

I'm planning to give more love to this blog in the meantime. There's so much to write about, and so many grammar lessons to have. I look forward to re-starting the discussion with anyone who's reading this.