Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be happy.

Yesterday, Deb Ng, the writer who runs my favorite freelance-writing site, Freelance Writing Gigs, turned over her blog network to a new owner.

Every freelance job I've ever landed has come from the leads on that site. I don't participate in the discussions often---I'm more of a lurker---but it's been a wonderful resource since I began freelancing two years ago. And while I'm sure good things will continue to come from the site, it feels like the end of an era now that Deb has moved on.

In her goodbye post, Deb left her readers with the following thought:

"You are responsible for you. Only you know the choices that work best for you and your situation. Don’t be the person a blogger wants you to be. Be the person you want to be. Be happy."

If that doesn't sum up my experiences, dreams and goals in one tidy little package, I don't know what does.

Thanks for all you've done for other writers, Deb. We'll miss you.

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Deb Ng said...

Thank you for your kind post, I feel so honored. No need to miss me as I'm still blogging, just not at FWJ. Come by Kommein and don't be a stranger and I'll drop by here when I can too!

Be happy!