Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 2008 Goals

Ack, it's after 8:00 pm on April 30 and I haven't posted my goals for next month yet! (I haven't filed my state taxes yet, either. Delaware gives you until April 30 to do your state taxes, which really just means you get an extra 15 days to procrastinate. Don't worry, I'll get 'em out the door by midnight.)

Okay, so without further ado, here are my May 2008 freelancing goals:
  • Apply for at least FIVE new freelance jobs per week. That's one per weekday. I should be able to handle that. Of course, if I end up getting too much work (isn't that a problem we'd all love to have?), I'll ease up, but that's my starting goal.
  • Blog at least THREE times a week. On both blogs. Oh, that's right---I don't think I've mentioned yet that I have a shiny brand-new blog! I've started a workout regiment this week, so I created a fitness blog to document my progress (or lack thereof). Should be interesting, as I'm staunchly refusing to change my diet in any way. What's the point in going through life if you cut out the mashed potatoes and gravy?
  • Start researching computers. I'm typing this blog post on a dinosaur of a laptop, and I'm really in need of something smaller and quicker. Preferably with wireless technology. And cheap-ish, since I'm currently in the process of refinancing my entire life in order to put gas in my car.
  • Continue to be an awesome copy editor at my regular job and an awesome freelancer for my existing clients. I'm not one to let a good thing go to waste. What's the point of chasing down new leads if I'm letting the ones I already have fall by the wayside?

The beginning of a month is so exciting, isn't it? It's a blank page just full of potential opportunities. I can't wait to see what happens in May.

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Kelvin Oliver said...

Well, well, well, you have a full plate for you for the month. I'm sure you will get everything accomplished or at least to your expectation. By the way, I do like your blog and like what I see have read.