Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Year of Writing

I spend a lot of time thinking about this blog. Since it’s public, I don’t want it to be a stream-of-consciousness “Here’s what I did with my day” hodgepodge that my more private online journals are. I want this poor little fledgling blog to have a purpose, a meaning, a reason to visit every day.

I set a goal for myself at the end of December. I want to be a full-time freelance writer by the time I’m 30. I’ll be 28 in mid-June, so that gives me two and a half years to achieve this goal. Which means I need to get started like, yesterday.

Year 1 officially starts today. From now until January 10, 2009, not only am I going to hunt down freelance job leads, but I’m going to document my attempts, successes and failures in this blog. I feel like that will keep me focused, and hopefully I’ll have many success stories to share.

If you’ve been visiting this blog regularly since I started it last month, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or criticism (feel free to tell me how much I suck) as I plow through this journey. And if you’re a writer yourself, please share your successes and failures here.

And for my fellow musical-theatre buffs, never fear—I still plan to talk about music and theatre quite a bit, too.

Here’s to the next step.

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